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5 Of My Favourite Songs for Valentine's Day!

Songs to make you feel all warm and squishy inside. These songs will not featured in my Twinkle Kids Valentine's class, I wanted to but I didn't have enough time! The Valentine's Day Class songs are remaining Top Secret until tomorrow!

Songs are all available on Spotify or Youtube. Other platforms I am not sure as I don't use them.

Lava - Disney Original Short

One volcano is living alone and feeling very lonely, wishing for someone to talk to and the rest is history!

This beautiful song never gets old, and hopefully you will be feeling the "Lava" too!

Wonderful You - Nancy Kopman

Let's face it, the most important person to love is yourself! This song is a wonderful reminder of all of the wonderful things we are capable of, no matter how small they are.

A Hug From My Mama - Laurie Berkner Band

Who doesn't love a hug from their Mama?! Show Mama some love today with this sweet and catchy tune.

Skidamarink - Super Simple Songs

Such a classic! Grab a scarf or a shaker and dance however you like!

I Think You're Wonderful - Red Grammar

I first heard this song during Lockdown 1.0 and it is so cheesy but so unbelievably sweet you can't help but love it! Send it to a friend or family member and make them smile!

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