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Trainings & Consultations

I'm so pleased to announce that I am preparing to launch in-house consultations, workshops and training events for your preschool, creche or service. 

It has been something I have been working on for quite some time using my knowledge, passion and dedication to creating, implementing and nurturing an environment that allows children to flourish in their own right. 

Children deserve to be heard, honoured, and valued, and we can be the ones to make that happen. 

“Hi Katie! I really loved your class! It was a very well thought out talk, very interactive and informative. I’ve used some of your techniques in my own classroom over the last week and the children have adored it!"

Available Trainings, Workshops & Consultations

How to create a nurturing, authentic and child-led environment

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Storytelling and Visual Arts

Incorporating Music and Movement in your setting

Creating engaging invitations to play

Happy children, happy parents, happy teachers - The power of relationships and building connections.

Igniting the Wonder and Curiosity of Childhood

How it Works

Contact Katie today to arrange a personalized in-house session or group training event. Katie will discuss with you in advance of the training any issues you are currently having and what you would like to gain from the training in order to get the most out of your session.

These training events are suitable for creches, preschools, parent-toddler groups, Junior/Senior infant teachers, childminders, libraries, educators or families who want to gain more knowledge about their child's world.

If interested, please submit THIS FORM and Katie will be in touch with you shortly.

*Currently open to Kildare, Wicklow and Dublin areas. Other locations may be able to be facilitated via Webinar/Video.


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