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6 Ideas for Spring Play

Spring is in the air! Ireland is always a little behind when it comes to the seasons changing. I usually associate Spring beginning after St. Patricks Day, when the daffodils are blooming, our big Magnolia tree is just about to burst it's buds and there is most certainly a grand stretch in the evenings.

Here are some ideas for Spring Play that you can do with your children, whether they're babies, toddlers or preschool and beyond! Be sure to check out our printables Spring Flowers and Spring Garden Birds to further dive into the magic of Springtime!

Spring Playdough

Add some bright Spring colours like yellow, blue, green or purple to homemade playdough. Get creative with add-ins like leaves, flowers, twigs and pebbles.

Pssst - I have an amazing blog post all about playdough HERE

Plant seeds or bulbs

Spring is all about resurrection and new beginnings - everything is coming out of hibernation, shoots are emerging and trees are just beginning to sprout new leaves. It's the perfect time to add something new to your garden, windowsill or community area through planting something new. Choose something simple like watercress or get more adventurous with Dahlias and Lilies. It serves as a great reminder that out of darkness, we can always start over and try again. Plus, any excuse to get outside and get mucky is a winner!


Now that the weather is starting to warm up again, we can all dip our toes and hands back into some good ol water play. Keep it simple by washing plastic toys or cups at the sink (always a favourite) or take it outside and splash in those giant Spring puddles. What happens if you add water to soil? Grab an old mixing spoon and bowl and find out! What happens when you pour water from one container to another? Find some assorted-size bowls and jugs and experiment. Create a Spring Petal Soup using leaves, grass and flowers. Wonder with your child and see where it takes you!

Take it outside

If you have a fine day where the sun is shining make the most of it! Take some of your child's favourite toys or books outside and lay out a picnic blanket. You will be amazed at how much their play can expand using the same toys but in a different environment. Dinosaurs go from hardwood floors or carpet to actual grass and rocks. Diggers and lorries can drive across real terrain and dolls can take a walk around noticing all things Spring. You can have snack outside, read stories, watch clouds, climb trees - the possibilities are endless!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

There are so many wonderful things to see in Spring! Use my free printable to see how many you can find! These are all items you will find outside in nature, so grab a scooter, buggy or your shoes and a pen to check off what you can see. Notice if you can smell or hear any of the items too to make it a multi-sensory experience!


I talk about it all the time - it's one of my favourite art forms to do with children as there are no rules, everyone's is unique and true to them, and it takes up a good chunk of time! Collaging is a wonderful way to gain insight into your child's interests, exploring materials like magazines, newspaper and natural items all while working on scissor skills and gluing. One of my favourite ways to collage with my kids is to use the magazines you get for free in the supermarket as they are usually seasonally themed. Invite your child to go through the magazine and cut out things that they like (or point to it and you can cut it out for them), You can also venture outside and gather natural materials like feathers, grass, leaves, flowers etc to add to your collage. After everything has been cut out and collected, get to work on gluing everything down on a large piece of paper or in a scrapbook. It's one of my favourite ways to connect!

Do you have other ideas for play in Spring? Let me know in the comments!

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