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Benefits of Music and Movement

Have you been to a Twinkle Kids Music and Movement class yet? There are so many benefits of Music and Movement for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and beyond!

Tell me more!

Rhyme and rhythm is linked to brain development

Even before your baby is born, they are introduced to rhythm. The mother's heartbeat is the first rhythm your baby will hear! As baby grows, their rhythms will too through cooing, babbling, clapping and rocking.

In fact, science has proven that rhythm and movement strengthens and enhances brain development, memory and even pre-writing and reading skills! When we link movement with rhythm, such as clapping, patting or stomping, the brain is actively working and developing crucial skills.

Enhances Creativity and Expression

Children are welcomed in all states of mind. Music and movement allows the freedom to express big feelings and emotions through song, rhyme and movement. Creativity can be explored and discovered through free movement, song and dance.

Builds Social and Emotional Skills

Through verbal and non-verbal communication, essential listening skills are developed. Children will also learn how to regulate their voices, from roaring like a dinosaur to whispering like a ladybird. These skills are all linked to essential cognitive development. Children also experience social interaction with adults and children which helps positive brain functions and reinforcing identity and wellbeing.

Confidence Building

Through repetition of songs, children learn the rhythms and even words quickly. This

increases their confidence and self esteem as they learn what to expect and what comes next. likewise through movement, as their confidence grows they will begin to. explore more movement and dance. In Twinkle Kids classes, there is no right or wrong way to move or express yourself, every child is accepted as they are which helps build a positive sense of self.

Enhanced Literacy Skills

Did you know that singing to your baby or child is linked to literacy? Children love rhyme, songs, poetry and instrumental music and using these day to day will increase your child's vocabulary, help words and sentences form and show patterns of effective communicating. Music and Movement has also been directly linked to children learning how to read and write through fine motor movements in finger plays, rhyme and rhythm and vocabulary building. Amazing!

Improved balance, coordination and control.

As children move, their bodies are learning how to move and through repetition, simple

movement and control, we are feeding the important brain-body connection essential for development. Learning how to shake to a beat, jump as high as you can, hop on one foot or bounce on parent's knee are all directly contributing to cognitive and physical development.

Nurturing Wonder and Imagination

Through story-telling, nursery rhyme, roleplaying and even some magic, children are using their imaginations to dive into the song or rhyme. this embodies holistic, whole-child learning and ignites curiosity and imagination. When they sing "I'm a Little Teapot", they believe they are the teapot, which adds so much more excitement and wonder!

So there you have it! Who knew music and movement could be so essential for child development! And it's so much FUN! If you are interested in finding out more or trying out a class, book today or message me to chat!

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