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September and October Changes Announced

**** Bookings will open on 20th August *****

Thank you so much for your patience while I get the schedule together for September and beyond! It's not easy trying to juggle a degree, parenting and running a business so the schedule will be quite different! I also want to thank everyone for their support and patience for the last couple of weeks, it means so much to me and my family ❤️

Firstly, online classes are making a grand return! All Stars will run on Monday afternoons at 3pm at the drop in price of €8 or you can book a 6 week term for €30. All Stars is a 30 minute online music and movement session which is loved by kids all over the country so I'm delighted to have it back!

Next, I will not be running sessions at Grangecon over the winter. The area is too exposed to the elements with no shelter or trees for cover. I hope to use Grangecon again next spring and summer but for Autumn/Winter I just don't think it's suitable.

Sessions will run at Baltinglass Community Gardens on Wednesdays at 3pm for 0-6 year olds. Again, the price is €15 for drop in or you can get a 6 week term for €72.

I will also be running two sessions per week at Russborough. One on Thursday mornings at 10am for 0-3 ONLY and another on Friday afternoons at 3pm for 0-6, a great way to finish the week!

Sessions will be available to book next week, from the 20th August. I'm just finalising some things, thanks for your patience!

I will be making most of my announcements going forward via email and on this platform as I try to lower my social media use, thank you for your patience and as always if there are any questions please let me know!

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