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Forever Stars - Twinkle Kids Visits Some New Friends!

On Wednesday 15th November 2023, Twinkle Kids had the absolute privilege to visit Craddock House Nursing Home in Naas, Co. Kildare for our first ever intergenerational Music and Movement class!

Why Would We Do That?

I had this idea after seeing similar events in the UK, Canada and other European Countries. I was also inspired years ago by a documentary called Alive Inside about the power music can have on someone who is suffering with dementia or Alzheimers. I have also witnessed some of the older generation attend my Twinkle Kids outdoor sessions and immerse themselves fully in play alongside the children!

Many studies have shown that music has an incredible ability to connect with older people, particularly those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. In many cases, people with dementia may no longer be able to speak but can still clap, sway or tap toes to a beat, it's fascinating!

Interaction with children also poses incredible benefits for older people. They may have spent a huge portion of their life caring for children, and grandchildren and crave that social and joyful interaction that little ones provide. 

Combined, our Forever Stars class hoped to boost the self esteem of the residents at Craddock House, stimulate auditory and visual skills, improve hand-eye coordination, encourage play and bring joy. 

For the children, they are also receiving enormous benefit to attending the classes. Interaction with elderly people can often be simple and easy to connect with for children. Children also gain experience in a community setting, bringing joy to older peoples lives and enriching them and creating beautiful memories, just by being their wonderful selves!

How Did It Go?

Everytime I speak about it, I get goosebumps! It was one of the most wonderful

experiences I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The light was sparking in everyones eyes. Whoops of joy and beaming smiles as we shared this time together. Connecting through primal play, a language that speaks to us all as human beings at a time where we are rapidly losing sight of what really matters, was just magical.

We shared, helped others when they needed help, made eye contact, communicated, worked as a team, moved our bodies in our own way, laughed together, sang together and came together for an hour of joy and wonder.

It was magical.

What Next?

It is definitely something that will be a part of Twinkle Kids going forward. to be a part of this and not want to continue on is impossible!

This will be an invite only event as standard, due to the nature of the event it is going to run much more smoothly if children are already familiar with both myself and the pace and structure of our Twinkle Kids sessions. If you are currently or preciously have been to a Twinkle Kids term, please reach out to express interest in getting on the invite list!

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