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Top 5 Songs to Get those Wiggles Out!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Let's face it, some kids have alot more energy than others and struggle to contain their movements. It's like a great big swirling, bubbling, fizzy ball of energy inside that is just itching to get out!

Most of the time, excess energy can be great! Like being able to go for a long walk, or jump

really high on a trampoline or seemingly endless stamina at the playground. Sometimes though, excess energy can lead to unwanted behaviours such as pushing or fighting, jumping on furniture (or their siblings!), or tantrums. And with yet another lockdown in place and the weather being as awful as it is, it can be hard to get outside to let off some excess steam.

Twinkle Kids to the rescue! I have listed my Top 5 Songs to get those Wiggles and Jiggles out! They are suitable for toddlers, preschools and beyond! Just put them on and have a kitchen disco and your little one will be able to move and groove along with the songs! They also include some simple instructions so encourage your child to listen and follow along.

If there is still energy left over after, put on some of YOUR favourite music and play musical statues. You get to listen to some of your top tunes and your child plays a fun game while practicing listening and attention skills and plenty of gross motor movement!

Let me know what you think! Here are my Top 5....

Party Freeze - Kiboomers

Shake Your Sillies Out - Zouzania

Choo Choo Train - Patty Shuklar

The Goldfish - Laurie Berner

Silly Dance Contest - Jim Gill

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